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  • CHRYSO ® Fluid Optima 354

    High range water reducing Super plasticizing admixture

    CHRYSO ® Fluid Optima 354 is a new generation superplasticizer, using abreak through technology. CHRYSO ® Fluid Optima 354 is intended to reduce significantly the amount of water and/or increase significantly the workabilityof the concrete. The strong water reduction generated by CHRYSO ® Fluid Optima 354 allows for a modification of the cement matrix, esepeciallyregarding porosity. Therefore, concrete permeability and water penetration aredrastically reduced. Thanks to CHRYSO®Fluid Optima 354, it is possible toadjust the workability retention with minor e*ect on the initial workability,over a range of dosage, depending on the needs

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    CHRYSO®Plast VPC is a plasticizer specially made for the manufacturing of dry molded concretes.
    CHRYSO®Plast VPC improves production of specific elements produced using dry or semi dry concrete as blocks, paves, slabs and hollow/core beams.

    CHRYSO®Plast VPC improves hydration of concrete increasing mechanical strengths but depending of type of cement or aggregates.

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  • CHRYSO® Plast 760

    Plasticizer – water reducer

    Sulfonated polynaphtalene based plasticizer – water reducer. It acts simultaneously on the defloculation of the fine particules of concrete, on the cohesion of fresh concrete, on cement setting.

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  • Chryso® Plast Delta 20


    Chryso® Plast Delta 20 is a water-reducing plasticizer that improves the workability of concrete with the same water content, increases compactness and mechanical strength, optimizes cement dosage to obtain a given strength class, and facilitates concrete pumping.

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  • Chryso® Plast Delta CER


    Chryso® Plast Delta CER is a water-reducing plasticizer with a very pronounced deflocculating action on fine concrete elements. Allows the optimization of the cement dosage to obtain a determined resistance class.

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  • CHRYSO® Plast V70

    Water-reducing plasticizer

    CHRYSO® Plast V70 is a plasticizer intended for the realization of fluid or self-compacting concretes and mortars.

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  • CHRYSO® Premia 570

    Superplasticizer high water reducer

    CHRYSO®Premia 570 is a new generation superplasticizer – high water reducer based on modified polycarboxylate. The product is based on the latest generation FILL FREE® technology.

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  • CHRYSO® RCC SurfacePro

    BCR surface treatment solution

    CHRYSO®RCC SurfacePro is a surface admixture that increases the performance and workability of Roller Compacted Concrete. CHRYSO®RCC SurfacePro promotes the formation of additional calcium silicate hydrates (CSH) and actively reinforces the surface of BCR to allow finishing with double-bladed power trowels.

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  • CHRYSO® Revello Color

    Tinted waterproofing liquid hardener for precast concrete

    A ready-to-use tinted hardener (non film-forming) for the strengthening, the waterproofing and the enhancement of all mineral porous substrate made of cement
    CHRYSO®Revello Color waterproofs the surface and renders it highly resistant to chemical attacks (de-icing salts, cleaning products, high pressure cleaning, climatic aggressions…)
    CHRYSO®Revello Color gives to concrete a harder surface, stops the dusting phenomena and neutralizes the alkali process of concrete, thus reducing efflorescence.
    Thanks to its tailor-made matching coloring, it homogenizes the treated surfaces while not modifying their mineral aspect

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  • Chryso® RocaSol C

    Mineralizer for environmental concrete

    CHRYSO®RocaSol C Mineralizer for Environmental Concrete is a ready-to-use mineralization solution (non film-forming) for the consolidation and waterproofing of all porous mineral cement and mortar-based substrates.
    Treats substrates in depth.

    The mineralization is definitive. It makes the support less permeable to water and more resistant to external attacks.

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  • CHRYSO® Route

    CHRYSO® Route is a chlorine-free set retarder, that has been specifically designed for the production of cement
    bound materials. CHRYSO® Route makes it possible to increase workability times in cement bounds.

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  • Chryso® Silica

    Silica fume powder

    CHRYSO®Silica is an ultra-fine micrometric silica from plants producing silicon or silicon-based alloys.

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