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  • Chryso® Decap

    Concrete stripper

    Concrete stripper, acid concentrate that disintegrates mortar, concrete and cement laitance.
    Removal of surface laitance
    Removal of cement dirt
    Finishing cleaning of washed concrete
    Cleaning of metal panels and formwork

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  • Chryso®Cure HPE

    Cure product

    Ready-to-use, water-based curing agent for fresh concrete, mortar and other cement-based coatings and on freshly demolded concrete. By forming a film when drying, it greatly slows down the drying of concrete or mortar, which allows a more complete hydration of the cement and reduces the risk of cracking at an early age.
    The surface of the treated concrete, after setting, has a better resistance to abrasion. The sprayed surfaces of CHRYSO®Cure HPE are covered with a white film, which makes it possible to identify the treated areas. After drying, the white coloration disappears.
    Facilitates floatation and smoothing of concrete.

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