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  • CHRYSO® Revello Color

    Tinted waterproofing liquid hardener for precast concrete

    A ready-to-use tinted hardener (non film-forming) for the strengthening, the waterproofing and the enhancement of all mineral porous substrate made of cement
    CHRYSO®Revello Color waterproofs the surface and renders it highly resistant to chemical attacks (de-icing salts, cleaning products, high pressure cleaning, climatic aggressions…)
    CHRYSO®Revello Color gives to concrete a harder surface, stops the dusting phenomena and neutralizes the alkali process of concrete, thus reducing efflorescence.
    Thanks to its tailor-made matching coloring, it homogenizes the treated surfaces while not modifying their mineral aspect

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  • Chryso® RocaSol C

    Mineralizer for environmental concrete

    CHRYSO®RocaSol C Mineralizer for Environmental Concrete is a ready-to-use mineralization solution (non film-forming) for the consolidation and waterproofing of all porous mineral cement and mortar-based substrates.
    Treats substrates in depth.

    The mineralization is definitive. It makes the support less permeable to water and more resistant to external attacks.

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  • Chryso®Deco Wash

    CHRYSO®Deco Wash delays the hydration of cement on the unglazed surface of concrete. In contact with fresh concrete, the emulsion breaks down allowing the
    The oil phase to form a continuous and protective film, which resists rain and ensures the cure.
    Thanks to the originality of its formula and its strong curing power, it is possible with CHRYSO®Deco Wash to widen the washing window from 24 hours to 48 hours, depending on the type of product.
    regardless of the weather conditions. The absence of solvents in the formulation of CHRYSO®Deco Wash greatly facilitates its use: product in aqueous phase, non-flammable and with a pleasant odor, does not stain the surrounding materials even if unprotected,
    rinsing the spraying and formwork equipment with water.

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    Cement based waterproofing coating
    Cement based waterproofing coating for concrete and masonry
    High hydrophobic effect
    Inside and outside use
    Effective against both positive and negative water pressure
    Easy to apply
    Suitable for use in contact with drinking water, according to Spanish normative RD 140/2003 and RD 118/2003
    Certified according EN 1504-2

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  • PANDOMO® Studio

    Decorative thin-layer design smoothing compound
    • Easy to use
    • Excellent adhesion
    • High yield
    • High surface strength
    • Low stress
    • Walkable after a short time
    • Load-bearing within a short time


    Télécharger la fiche technique

    Fibre-reinforced, nano-modified, wear-resistant, self-levelling mortar for the repair of floors from 5 to 60 mm.

    PAVING TOTAL is a premix formulated using nanotechnology. It does not shrink and is suitable for the repair of industrial floors or concrete road surfaces.
    After adding water, a highly adhesive mortar is obtained, suitable for quick repairs between 5 mm and 60 mm.

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  • WEBER FLOOR 4095

    For levelling and smoothing interior floors before laying thin flooring in rooms with low (P2) or medium (P3) stress.

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  • WEBER FLOOR 4602

    Self-levelling fluid screed for industrial premises

    Manufacture of self-levelling screeds for industrial applications.
    Straightening and/or levelling of uneven floors.
    Creation of a compensating layer before pouring a weber.floor wear layer or epoxy cast floor.
    Indoor industrial premises subject to light or medium constraints such as light rolling stock, pedestrian traffic, pallet trucks, etc…

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  • WEBER FLOOR 4650

    Decorative tinted cast flooring

    Manufacture of decorative, mass-colored finished floors for commercial and service sector premises subject to constraints such as light rolling stock, pedestrian traffic, etc…

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  • WEBER FLOOR 4716

    Universal Adhesion Primer

    Preparation of substrates before the application of catch-up coatings, repair mortars or adhesive flooring mortars.
    Improves adhesion.
    Limits bubbling by blocking the capillaries of the substrate.
    Regulates porosity.

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